Allyson Parzero Willis

Founder | Host

Allyson Willis is the ultimate travel guide. She's been all over the world and led dozens of small group trips in dozens of countries. Her fascination with travel started early. As a kid, Allyson collected vacation brochures and memorized capital cities of far-off countries. Later, her wanderlust landed her in Thailand where she spent years studying yoga, teaching English, and eating Pad Thai. After returning to the states, she became a holistic health coach and integrated these values to create Healthy Traveler Retreats. Through HTR, Allyson has led groups ranging from 6 to 14 guests to urban and remote locations around the world. She does so using her vast network of guides, teachers, and chefs, and her bottomless appetite for adventure. She is a rigorous researcher who prides herself in meticulous planning to craft one of a kind experiences. She anticipates her travelers' needs before they do and manages the inevitable unexpected challenges of international travel with grace and a good sense of humor. Allyson is also a Registered Nurse, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Yoga Instructor.

Patrick Nolan

Yoga & Meditation Guide

​Patrick is leading the yoga practice on this year's adventures to The Azores, Morocco & Italy. While Allyson guides you to each exotic location on your trip, Patrick will be offering you guidance for your journey inward. He will be using methods he's learned in his trainings at the Amrit Yoga Institute to teach yoga and facilitate yoga therapy and yoga nidra (guided meditation.) All of which designed are to allow you to feel a profound sense of peace, healing and rejuvenation.